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Mother of the Bride & Bridal



Mother of the Bride & Bridal

Is a dress for a special occasion ever really just a dress?

At Couture by Tusneem we think a dress is never just a dress, we like to think of our designer pieces as works of art.

Whether we’re making the dreams of a bride come true, creating a special one off piece for an occasion, or helping a Mother of the Bride put together the perfect outfit, we never forget how important it is.

Our dedicated team collectively have over 60 years of experience and understand how unique your personal style is.

And, your sense of style is what forms the basis of the pieces we create for you. We get to know your likes and dislikes, understand the tone of the event you’re attending, and apply our experience and knowledge to our couture process

The Consultation

Welcome to our beautiful studio.  Relax in our luxurious consultation room where you will meet Tusneem and take time to discuss ideas to start creating the perfect dress. Tusneem will sketch different looks to help you to visualise the ideas, take your measurements and show a range of fabrics to start the journey to making the best dress for you.

The Toile Fitting

Before we start work on creating your actual design we will begin by making a cotton fabric version which you will be able to try on to get a real feel for the cut and shape we have designed. This is called a toile. At this appointment we will fit the toile to you before making the actual gown and, if required, we can also discuss any changes you wish to make to your design.

The Dress Fittings

You will have several fittings to try on your actual dress. Each fitting will enable you to see how the design has progressed and allow us to make any tweaks to ensure the desired finish. We will also carry out any alterations needed and add any detail necessary to ensure it has the perfect look and fit when completed.

During these appointments our designer Tusneem will also talk to you about styling and what to put with your design, from shoes, makeup, hair and accessories.  It’s all part of the process and we want to ensure it’s all perfectly styled together for you.

The Final Fitting

Your couture design is now ready, pressed and waiting for you to try on for the last time with us. We ensure all our customers feel amazing in the designs we create for them, and want to you to leave knowing they had the best experience possible.
You’re at the centre throughout, making those important decisions, but we’re also there every step of the way, with ideas, advice, and (perhaps most importantly) honesty.

Want to know more? Arrange an informal consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and you can see some of our previous work.

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